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The Related Collocation Of Long Sleeve Cardigan

    Beige belongs to light series, this color, not bright, do not want to red, blue sapphire so eye-catching, but this color is very mild, can give a sense of closeness, is the representative color of gentle generosity. And the collocation can also be in this direction. Many girls think beige cardigan color a little bad collocation, because this color is not lively, girls like youth have a little youthful, in fact, this also very good collocation, can beige cardigan with a light blue shirt, and then with a black skirt. Such a light blue shirt and black skirt are very vibrant, this time beige cardigan is highlighted is a quiet and pure temperament, for girls, a very perfect collocation method.Long Sleeve Cardigan
    There are some beige knit cardigan sweater collocation method, is to create a gentle and pleasant image. This choice, it is better to choose with a long skirt, a white chiffon long skirt, coupled with a large-beige knitting cardigan, long skirt elegant and beige shirt foil, the feminine gentle beauty embodies the incisively and vividly.Long Sleeve Cardigan
    Of course, if it is really lazy to pay a great deal of thought to do beige cardigan, then there is a simple beige knit cardigan collocation method, which is paired with jeans, jeans as one of the most hundred clothes, and beige shirt matching up is also very stylish. One, the color of the knitted sweater matching: Bai Fumi are the pursuit of simplicity, fashion, and this color of the knitted cardigan is very satisfied with this request, no frills and complex design, 2013 so match up the effect is the atmosphere has fan! can choose to use white T-shirt bottom, plus white casual tights, immediately let you double temperament, the workplace socialite is so built!
Long sleeve knitted sweater not only in the winter is very popular, in recent years, knitted sweaters in the summer is also very popular, after improved long-sleeved sweater in summer wear not only not stuffy, but more than the general clothes cloth more ice, so long sleeve ...Long Sleeve Cardigan