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The Material And Cleaning Method Of Silk Cotton

     Silk Quilt silk Quilt is to be made of mulberry silk cotton, silk floss is used in the cocoon of the Double Palace cocoon, the silk fiber is pulled into an inflated cotton-like object, that is, people usually say silk floss or silk floss.

The main characteristics of silk floss are: first, warm effect is good, the same weight quilt, the warm effect of silk floss is better than man-made quilts, cotton quilt, wool quilt, and the other is the softness of the soft and comfortable, far more than man-made quilts, cotton quilt, wool quilt (blanket), duvet Silk Cotton

     No allergic stimulation to human skin, does not cause the human skin to dryness, causes the nostril to bleed; four is the warm material which the silk quilt has the safe characteristic which the ignition does not burn; Five is the silk quilt the warm material silk will not like other quilts the warm material will produce the extremely tiny dust, causes the air pollution which the user surrounds.Silk Cotton

     Silk is used the highest quality natural pure silk as raw material, with easy, soft, breathable, warm and strong, do not stimulate the skin, do not produce static electricity and other excellent quality. Silk contains the "sericin" sericin composition contains a wealth of sericin and 18 of amino acids, these amino acids emitted by the subtle molecules called "sleep factor", can promote sleep to enhance human vitality, anti-aging. Silk contains the "silk volume gap" is the silk has a good cold resistance and constant temperature.Silk Cotton

     Silk Quilt Maintenance and care: Silk is not washable or dry cleaning, such as when the use of stains need to be cleaned, please use special detergent local cleaning, placed in good ventilation and cool natural air dry. Maintenance of the use of the process: please cover the size of a moderate quilt, do not run on the silk tires, jump, so as not to be deformed, especially to avoid children in the silk bed wetting; Silk Cotton

     After the use of maintenance: Before storage must be dried, after the quilt cool and then folded; 1-2 insect-proof agent into the silk quilt, the coat plastic bag, not too tight, mouth was sealed, please place in the dry place, when the quilt storage, do not stress.Silk Cotton