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The Absorbent Energy Of Silk Cotton

Hygroscopicity is strong, shrinkage is larger, about 4~10%, alkali resistance is not acid. The cotton is very unstable to the inorganic acid, even if the very dilute sulfuric acid will cause it to be destroyed, but the organic acid function is weak, almost does not have the destructive effect.Silk Cotton 

Cotton is more alkali-resistant, general dilute alkali at room temperature does not take effect, but under the action of strong alkali, cotton strength will decline. Often use 20% caustic soda liquid cotton, can be "mercerized" cotton.Silk Cotton 

Light resistance, heat resistance generally. In the sunlight and the atmosphere the cotton cloth will slowly oxidize, causes the strength to descend. Long-term high-temperature effects will damage the cotton cloth, but its tolerance 125~150℃ transient high temperature treatment.Silk Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber, the main ingredient is cellulose, there are a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen and pectin content. Pure cotton fabric through a variety of inspection and practice, fabric and skin contact without any stimulation, no negative effect, long wear on the human body is harmless, good health performance.Silk Cotton

The scientific research found that our daily use of cotton products have a relatively good heat resistance, even at the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, cotton products will only evaporate water, but the cotton fiber itself does not have a big impact. In other words, our cotton products in the daily use can be more casual washing and printing, such as, this will not have a greater impact, but also to a large extent improve the whole cotton products wear-resistant characteristics.Silk Cotton

Silk can not be washed or dry cleaning, such as when the use of stains need to be cleaned, please use special detergent local cleaning, placed in good ventilation and cool natural air drying. Maintenance of the use of the process: please cover the size of a moderate quilt, do not run on the silk tires, jump, so as not to be deformed, especially to avoid children in the silk bed wetting;Silk Cotton