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Knitting Method Of Women Cardigan

     Cardigan sweater Winter chill hit noodles, thick sweater become our best choice, and for the office of you, Cardigan sweater is a good choice, warm sweater jacket can be very good for you to resist the cold, and into the warm office is also convenient to wear off, with a color playing underwear, so that the overall look more beautiful pinch. Women Cardigan

     Knit cardigan Sweater specific weaving order: cardigan sweater body and sleeves are woven from the bottom to the top of the sweater to score the armpit and then string them together to sew. You can also knit the body and then add the knitted owl shoulder, and the sleeves are finally woven.Women Cardigan

     Cardigan Knit sweater Body: cardigan sweater body Knitting first 96 stitches (6mm needle) circle woven double rib bottom, woven to want to get the length of 6.5mm Needle ring knitting needle. The first and 48th pins each put a mark a, separate before and after. Back piece of 16 stitches each knitting mark B one (used in the waist), cardigan sweater waist knitting: flat knitting 2 inches (about 5cm) long after weaving to the back B1 before 3 needles, right 2 and 1 stitches, the next stitch, pick the mark, the next stitch, left 2 and 1 stitches. The Mark B2 is the same, and it is 4 stitches away. Every 3 lines, repeat more than 3 times, a total of 16 stitches (= The waist is the most thin 80 needles).Women Cardigan

    Cardigan Sweater Sleeve Knitting: 24 pin 6mm each needle double rib weave, woven to the flat needle to change 6.5mm stitches, knit 2 inches after each 2 inches plus 2 stitches, add to 36 stitches. Weave to the desired length, take off 4 stitches under the armpit, Yu Yu (32 stitches) to wear a spare line.Women Cardigan

    Body 96+ Sleeve 32*2= Shoulder 160 stitches, strung up. Each owl is a 10-pin *19 line, lined with flowers to weave the owl. According to personal custom weaving 4 rows of reentry needle dug collar nest. Change the 6mm needle, circle weave double rib collar circle to want to get the length, collect the needle, sew the armpit Well, hide the thread. A cardigan sweater is woven out oh.Women Cardigan