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General Materials For Spring Summer Cotton

Polyester cotton fabrics are usually made of 35% and 65% polyester blended. This fabric is mainly made of high yarn plain weave, used for thin shirt cloth, fine flat cloth, poplin and so on. Cotton commonly known as "Dacron", it not only maintain the high strength of polyester fiber, resilient recovery of the characteristics of good, but also has a strong hygroscopicity of cotton fiber characteristics, easy to dye, wash and dry quickly. Cotton varieties of more specifications, there are primary colors cloth, fabric, calico and color weaving and so on.Spring Summer Cotton

Polyester-Cotton fine cloth: the use of high yarn, plain weave woven into the close-knit fabric. Fine clean cloth, feel smooth, thin light and crisp, not easy to pilling. To bleach, printing, light-colored more, can make men and women shirt. Cotton Poplin: Structure and fabric characteristics with cotton poplin. To bleach, the majority of plain, suitable for the production of high-grade shirts. Polyester Cotton Yarn: The use of single, double warp spacing arrangement of plain weave, cloth body fine clean breathable, feel smooth, with the style of hemp.Spring Summer Cotton

Cotton-Polyester Rotten Fabric: polyester-cotton core-spun yarn (polyester filament for the core, the outsourcing of cotton yarn) woven fabric, after acid treatment to get the surface of the uneven pattern, transparent and cool, three-dimensional strong fabrics. Suitable for summer wear. Other polyester-cotton varieties: such as polyester-cotton yarn-dyed bark wrinkle, inverted proportion of blended fabrics, and so on, they are unique, taking the performance of a single fiber raw material woven fabric. C cotton fabric will be polypropylene staple fiber and cotton in accordance with the 1:1 ratio blended into plain weave fabrics, common with cotton linen and acrylic cotton yarn.Spring Summer Cotton

C-Cotton fine cloth: the use of 50% cotton and 50% polypropylene blended plain fabric, its appearance is crisp, shrinkage rate small, durable, easy to wash fast dry, with polyester cotton style. But hygroscopicity, heat resistance, light resistance is poor, suitable for the production of coats.Spring Summer Cotton