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Fall Winter Silk Brings You To Know The History Of Silk Development

Silk fabric technology has been monopolized by China for hundreds of years, because its compilation technology at that time is a complex process, but also because of its unique feel and luster has attracted people's attention. Thus Silk became the world's main international trade material before the Industrial revolution. The earliest silk fabric can be used only by emperors, but the rapid development of silk industry has made silk culture penetrate into Chinese culture continuously from geography and society. And become a Chinese businessman in foreign trade, an essential high-grade goods.Fall Winter Silk

With the economic development of the Warring States, Qin and Han dynasties, silk production reached a high peak. Almost all the places can produce silk, silk varieties are also rich, mainly divided into silk, Kee, kam three categories. The emergence of Brocade is an important milestone in the history of Chinese silk, it combines silk excellent performance and fine arts, silk is not only a noble material, but also a work of art, greatly improving the cultural connotation and historical value of silk products, the impact is very far-reaching. In the Qin and Han dynasties, the silk industry not only got great development, but also the trade and exportation of silk reached an unprecedented prosperity with the large scale expansion of China's external influence. The promotion of trade has led to the further development of the economic and cultural exchanges between the Central Plains and the frontier, China and east and west, thus forming the famous "Silk Road".Fall Winter Silk

Silk as silk, weft silk, woven silk weaving process, is the silk process. All kinds of silk production process is not the same, generally can be divided into two types of raw and mature weaving. The raw weave is the warp and weft yarn is made into the fabric, which is called the billet silk, and then the billet silk is dyed into a finished product. This kind of production method is low cost and short process, and it is the main way to use in silk production at present. Ripe weaving, refers to the warp and weft yarn dyed before weaving, woven into the strand after the dyeing of the finished product. This method is used for the production of high-grade silk fabrics, such as weaving brocade, taffeta and so on.Fall Winter Silk