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Dentification Of Fabrics For Ladies Knitted Sweater Pullover

Sensory identification. The elasticity, flexibility and wrinkle of the fabric were measured by means of eyes and hands, then the gloss, length, thickness and bending of the cloth were seen. Wool soft, shiny dark. Polyester has a sense of hair, soft and crisp. Combustion identification. The pure sweater material meets the fire, first curls after the smoke, after burns into the black, the brown pellet shape, uses the hand one pinch namely to become the powder, simultaneously with the Mao class char burning flavor.Women Pullover

Touch: Touch the material with the hand whether have knot head, small lump, etc. Good material to touch the hand should have no rough feeling, more delicate, slippery and smooth. GRASP: It is natural to grasp the material with the hand, and then let go, see how it restores its original shape, if it recovers quickly and without losing its original, it means that the material is good elasticity and is not easy to wrinkle when worn.Women Pullover Pigment printing has been described in the cotton fabric printing, but the difference between the printing of knitted fabrics and the printing of woven fabrics is the soft feeling after printing and the elasticity of the paint in the printing place. As a result, the choice of adhesives for printing is very different, if the coating used for woven fabrics printing adhesives are also used for the printing of knitted fabrics, then the finished product in the use of tensile effect, its pattern will occur cracks, feel hair and so on.Women Pullover

In order to maintain the overall effect of good feel, elasticity and shape of the knitted fabric after printing, the choice of adhesive must be elastic mortar, so that the printing after baking can follow the tension of the knitwear and the effect of the rebound in the synchronous elongation or retraction, the printing place does not occur cracks and broken flowers, to ensure that the coating and knitted fabrics have the same resilience. Adhesives In addition to good flexibility, but also to have flexibility, in order to maintain a better printing effect, but also in the printing formula to add softener to improve the soft effect of pigment printing.Women Pullover